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Who am I?

I'm a west Londoner, was raised in Ealing and live in Twickenham. I have a bachelors degree in Video Production with Creative Writing and I am all about creativity and media.

I've always enjoyed the creative arts and as a child I wrote a lot of short stories. Writing has always been a passion of mine and I am currently writing my first novel.

As I grew through my teenage years my creative urges turned to digital media outlets and I began to make music. I produced hip-hop, r'n'b and house instrumentals until my early twenties.

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Video Services West London

Video Production

It was also in my teen years that I delved into video production. After studying film studies at A-Level I wanted to express myself through what I believe is the most complete artform, film/video, so I studied Video Production at university. I went on to provide video and photography as a professional service after my studies. (If you're interested in my video and photography service, visit my videography page or have a look at some of our wedding photos.)

I say that video is the most complete because it utilises a whole spectrum of elements; visuals, motion, sound, music, pacing; but that doesn't mean to say I think it's the greatest art form.


I keep coming back to writing because it's one of the pure forms of artistic expression. It's the place where that idea in your head first manifests itself, and in that place you can create entire worlds and characters with greater depths than any film can. The creative use of words can miraculously turn thoughts into a virtual reality that is unique to each reader.

I'm thoroughly enjoying working on my first novel and I hope to have it ready in the near future.

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Web Design

I went on to designing WordPress websites, like this one, which involves graphic design work too. I love experimenting with new technology and I find web design an enjoyable combination of experimenting and creating. Websites are a modern necessity and the web is our ever growing source of information and interaction. (You can see some examples of my web designs here.)

That's me

I'm a Christian, a husband and I've got a lot of love, care and patience. My career aim is to do what I love, so I can love what I do. I've explored many creative artforms and I love them all. This website is a tribute to that and I will be adding info about the work I create as I go. So please keep dropping by and subscribe to be informed. Thank you!

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Interested in my Services?

If you are interested in my video, photography, web design or writing services, please do get in touch through the contact page. Thank you.